About Dalton Communications

Mission Statement

Our Mission is.Our Mission Statement: Our goal is to be the highest value product and service to our customers. To serve our customers by providing maximum effort every day, while maintaining a working environment that is supportive, respectful and professional. Our team believes we have the most valuable communication resource available in the industry today.. We believe that the customers we work with deserve to be treated with respect, dignity, and the integrity that any relationship deserves. The representatives of Dalton Communications play an essential role in the accomplishment of our goals. Through a supportive team environment, and the individual desire and effort of each of our representatives, success is guaranteed for ourselves and our customers as a whole.


Our Capabilities

Dalton Communications is a full service shop we offer both on site and in shop installs and Repairs. For all brands of Two way radios.  We also install and service emergeny equipment such as Lighting and Sirens.